A Ray of Hope in the Cure for MS

On March 5, 2011, in MS Research, by Dave Schwarber

Breakthroughs in research are providing a ray of hope in the lives of many who live with this horrible disease.

My wife, Barb, has been diagnosed with MS for almost 30 years.


An active person from the start, the disease has forced her to make many changes to her lifestyle over the years. She’s reluctantly given up softball, hiking, canoeing, walking, golf, and many other things that most of us just take for granted. Simple things, like buttoning her blouse or walking 5 steps to answer the door are at best an aggravation for her, and sometimes, they’re impossible.

MS research, in just the past couple of years, has begun to shine a ray of hope in her life, and in the lives of others like her. The search for a cure has never yielded so many exciting breakthroughs in such a short time. Researchers are beginning to isolate the causes of the disease. They are progressing toward a cure (several in fact). They are releasing new treatments to help patients walk; to minimize exacerbations; to slow its progression.

This research, which is so vital, is funded by donations and grants. Can you help?


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