Walk with Team Never Quit on April 28, 2012

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Join Team Never Quit for the walk on April 16, 2011.

Come join us in walking for a cure on April 17, 2010. Team Never Quit walks in the Butler County Walk, which will begin at the Tri-Community Center in Oxford, Ohio. We’re trying to get a LOT of participants this year. It’s a fun walk in a beautiful setting, and it’s healthy for you also!

It’s 2012, and time for me to reach out again to friends and family for help in defeating MS. I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for the love and support you’ve shown us over the years. It has meant so much to Barb, Amy and me, along with the thousands of others suffering with MS. The last couple of years have been especially exciting for us, as the research your donations have helped fund are finally beginning to pay some dividends.

2011 was an exciting year. There was a lot of progress in research on the disease, and hopefully, a cure will be found in our lifetime! My daughter Amy is doing well. Now in her sixth year with the disease, she made the decision to continue into her 2nd year on Tysabri. The risk increases every year, but the positive changes to her life far outweigh the potential risks. For my wife Barb, it was a little different. She’s lived with MS for over 27 years now, and the physical toll it’s taken on her body is beginning to show. It’s become much more difficult for her to do some of the things that you and I take for granted, like getting dressed or just moving around the house. It takes her ten, twenty or even fifty times longer to do simple things than it does a healthy person. Her spirit is still unchanged though, and she continues to treasure her independence. She really is an inspiration to me and to everyone who knows her.

Our team, NEVER QUIT (Barb’s motto), will be walking again this year in the Butler County MS Walk on April 28 – others from our team will be walking in the Cincinnati event on the same date.

So how can you help? There are several things you could do, among them:

Team Never Quit will walk again in the Butler County Walk, which will begin at the Tri-Community Center in Oxford. We’re hoping to see a record number of walkers this year. It’s a fun walk in a beautiful setting, and it’s healthy for you also! To join our team, click Donate to Never Quit! and then click Join Team.

Try to get there between 8:30 and 9:30 if you can. This will enable us to get a team picture before we get started.


Donate (if you can)

To support this cause with a personal donation, just click Donate to Never Quit!

If you prefer writing a check, please make it payable to the National MS Society and either give it to me or mail it to me at 3308 Emerald Walk, Cincinnati, OH 45211. If you do write a check, please put “Team NEVER QUIT” in the Memo line. Whatever you can give will make a profound difference!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

I’ve seen first-hand how your donations help. The progress they’ve made over the past few years in treatments for MS have helped Amy a lot, and they are closing in on several different things I (and they) believe will help in reversing this disease, which would certainly help Barb. Let me close by saying again that I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement you’ve shown us.

With grateful heart,

Dave  Schwarber

Donate to Never Quit!


P.S. If you would like more information about the National MS Society, how proceeds from Walk MS are used or other ways you can join the movement toward a world free of MS, please visit www.fightMStoday.org <http://www.fightMStoday.org.


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