Hello. My name is Dave Schwarber, and I'm Managing Director of Manufacturing Business Solutions for Cincom Systems and the editor of this website.

So what is this site all about?

Mainly, it’s about loving and caring and helping others. It’s about the unsung heroes who take one day at a time, put one foot in front of the other, and most of all, who NEVER QUIT, no matter what life throws in their face.

About This Website

This site is also about the hundreds of thousands of people with Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system.

It’s about my wife Barb and my daughter Amy, who both live with MS.

It’s about hope. It’s about faith. It’s about life.

People with MS never know what the next hour, or day, or week will hold for them.  They don’t know if they’ll be able to take the next step or if they’ll fall flat on their face. They don’t know if they’ll be able to dress themselves. They don’t know if they’ll bounce back from this episode, or if they’ll just keep getting worse as the disease ravages their body.  They wake up every day, never knowing what it will bring.

My wife has dealt with MS for over 26 years.

She began with relapsing/remitting MS, but, for the past five or six years, it has turned into secondary progressive. Basically, instead of bouncing back after an exacerbation, the effects are cumulative – she just keeps getting worse. Over the years, I’ve watched her give up some of her favorite things – hiking, canoeing, softball, golf. I’ve watched her go from being an athlete and a very active person to someone needing to use a cane, a walker, a wheelchair, a scooter just to get around. But through it all, she has kept a positive outlook. She has taught me about life, and most importantly, she’s taught me how to live.


She is my love, my life, my inspiration.

My daughter was diagnosed three years ago.


Barb & Amy Schwarber


Amy & Barb Schwarber

She has a very aggressive form of the disease, and it hit her hard right from the start. She spent many months hospitalized or completely debilitated. I won’t go into the details, but as her dad, it was one of the worse periods of my life. The good news is that she had so many more options available to her than Barb did when she was diagnosed. She took advantage of that, and she has turned around 180 degrees. She started on a drug last March that has given her a new lease on life. The unfortunate part is that she can only take it for one year, and then she must stay off of it for a year. So we’re praying that she continues her progress and doesn’t relapse.

HOPE is the reason I’ve reached out to as many people as I can. Research costs money, and without research, my daughter would be completely disabled today. In just the last three months, three new treatments have been approved by the FDA, and much progress has been in identifying the causes of the disease.

HOPE is for a cure – one that today seems to be in reach.

I know the economy is bad, and that most of us don’t have a lot of discretionary income. If you can afford to donate, please do, but if you can’t, you can still show your support.

Our team name is NEVER QUIT, in honor of my wife. If you’re in the Cincinnati, Ohio area sign up, come up to Oxford and walk with us on April 17.

Or you can sign up to walk in the Cincinnati MS walk on May 7. Or you can just keep those suffering from MS in your thoughts and prayers.  Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


PS …

Dave wrote this,  but didn’t put it on the website.

I did, my name is Steve Kayser and I’m here just to help build and maintain this website.

Or I might just be the voice in your head.

The one that probably just said, “Is that the absolute best ‘About’ page you’ve ever read?”